Saturday, 29 October 2011

Beijing reflections

Well after seven months in Beijing, I have headed south, back to beautiful Yangshou and the limestone karst mountains. Climbing is once again the order of the day. My plan is to stay in Southern China for a few more weeks, then head to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, before heading back to the UK in the New Year. Having been in Yangshou for a week or so, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on Beijing with a few pics, some of which you may already have seen.

The summer in Beijing was characterised by extremes. Often really hot and dry, but with breaks for heavy rain and humidity. I am told this was an unusual year. An umbrella was a sound investment, whatever the weather!

Beijing has many attractions ad historic sites of interest. However, for the most part these are packed to the rafters with internal and/or international tourists. This picture was taken by the lake next to the Summer Palace. I went for a short walk around it, which ended up taking 2 hours! 

One of the best things about Beijing for me is that I have met some great people, both through work and climbing. Here are a couple of people that have become great friends and who I will miss being around. In no particular order, it's Ben, Maggie and Si.

One thing i have really enjoyed about Beijing is the art scene, which was somewhat unexpected upon my arrival. The 798 area reminds me of Brick Lane and has been a favourite destination on many an occasion. Here are a couple of recent pics from there

The writing on the wall below is apparently a famous love poem called something along the lines of "a beautiful face amongst the peach blossoms". I didn't know this; I just thought it was cool.

All in all I will take away good memories of Beijing. That said, I miss the UK and all my friends and family. As such it's nice to winding my way back home. A couple more months and hopefully a few more pictures yet though. 

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