Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Some of Hackney's finest chaps

Well in my last weekend in London, I ended up catching some of the local lads. First up is my friend Tom's new little friend, Fred the Staffordshire Terrier

My friend Mio and I were walking along Walthamstow Marshes when we encountered this young man. He was chasing another dog around a tree. It was brilliant; it must have taken him 10 laps before realising that if he went the other way, he would catch his friend with the stick

Then a trip down Broadway Market brought us into contact with Hamlet, a lovely Cocker Spaniel puppy. He has a famous owner in Esther Hall. Poor Esther was probably stopped about twenty times on her way down Broadway Market by doting dog lovers wanting to stroke her little man.

Finally I just had to get a picture of this chap. Funnily enough, he wasn't attracting as many strokes!

Continuing with my love of fences:


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