Sunday, 3 April 2011

First pics from Beijing

Here are just a few snaps of my first day out with the camera in Beijing. More to come no doubt!

Can see myself on one of these before too long!

Well I just had to. Touristy I know, but... 

Beijing's version of scallies?

Just an afternoon Waltz in the park as you do.

The Magnolia's are famous around b the Forbidden city. Make for a great shot.

A bit of Tai Chi action. There was quite a lot of it going on it=n the park where I was. Hui Nan I think it's called. A lovely place.


  1. very different scenes from London ne...
    What is the couple in the last picture doing?

  2. Dancing Mio. There was lots of it going on in the park, whilst they were playing music.